Sofa - foam to comply with fire regs?

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    Sofa - foam to comply with fire regs?

    Hello. New member here. I've always let unfurnished before but am relocating and renting out my own flat as 'furnished'. I vaguely recall that sofa's have to be foam ie fire retardant - is this right?. My own sofa which is perfectly ok is feather filled but if the foam thing is correct I'll have to dump it and get a replacement.

    Another general question re 'furnished'. I've looked at other flats let out in this house and the the 'furnished' is very sparse ie living room has sofa, coffee table and maybe table/chairs. Does that sound right ? that furnished tends to be the bare minimum ?

    Thanks in advance.

    You may find the following link useful in your quest for information about furnished property:-

    HM Revenue and Customes PIM3200

    In broad terms the property should be sufficiently equipped and furnished to meet the basic living needs of a tenant .

    The Guide to the Furniture and Furnishing (Fire) (Safety) Regulations gives the answer on fire safety issues.

    Do consider also the Health and Safety implications of providing secondhand feather pillows that are probably infested with mites and could cause allergic reactions.
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