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    Fire regs

    New post from a new member, so stay with me...

    I am renting out my first property (part-furnished) and am attempting to do so without a managing agent. I've done all the tenant/credit checks, got the gas safety certificate, an inventory/check-in company lined up and am getting the AST looked over by lawyer.

    One thing that's bugging me, however, are the fire regulations, as I've been told that furniture must have a fire safety label saying it meets certain criteria. Apparently, all furniture made after 1987(?) has to have this anyway and given my sofabed, beds, cushions etc were bought in the last few years they should be fine. But I can't find any of these labels, so can someone enlighten me on if I need to do anything about this? And, indeed, what the fire safety rules are in the first place for a two-bed conversion flat?

    Thanks in advance!

    Why not contact your local Fire Prevenntion Officer - he'll know !
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      See also Guide to the Furniture and Furnishing (Fire) (Safety) Regulations provided a similar thread.
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