Another quick question! RE: Grill/Cooker

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    Another quick question! RE: Grill/Cooker


    I rent a furnished flat to 3 students. The kitchen includes a built-in cooker/grill.

    The grill (the element part) somehow caught fire and is now not working. It's only 6 months old and no signs of electrical fault etc - cooker part is still working)

    Looks like part of the heating ring part is damaged; could be from melted on cheese which has then caught fire - but I'm just guessing.

    Am I responsible for replacing or is that down to tennants neglect?

    Thanks again

    IMHO The heater has developed a fault and should be under warranty as it is only six months old. Burning a bit of cheese should not cause such an item to fail if it is of "merchantable quality", neither for that matter should a fire in any foodstuffs placed under it.

    Any information given in this post is based on my personal experience as a landlord, what I have learned from this and other boards and elsewhere. It is not to be relied on. Definitive advice is only available from a Solicitor or other appropriately qualified person.


      Grill / Cooker

      I'd agree with previous reply. And it should be under warranty.
      Just hope the manufacturer of the grill / cooker was not the same as the one I once had major problems with - I've never seen such incompetence from people charged with fixing anything!
      Regret, I cannot give the m/f name on this forum
      In general terms, unless you have clear evidence of tenants' neglect you really should not consider having them pay for it.
      As a matter of interest, I always figure that the running costs on white goods in terms of repair / replacement with the average tenant are about 25% above what I experience on my own home.
      I advise my clients to budget accordingly. Often this is down to misuse which you can never prove and you have to just take on the chin financially .
      Best regards and good luck
      David Lawrenson


        That wouldn't be an Italian based company that sell under 2 names would it?


          Grill / Cooker

          Hi Stel
          Not sure which you mean but these things can put you in a bit of a spin if you are out at sea!


            Thats the one!!! They also sell under a name that is an anagram of sign (clue begins with a vowel).


              Grill / Cooker

              Hi Stel
              Yes, I had to do what I always do in these circs - send a written letter, posted to their MD.
              Eventually that cured the problem. Always works!
              I don't do "Customer Service Call Centres" to get things sorted now
              best regards
              David Lawrenson


                I have just disposed of said company's oven which was provided at less than half price as they could not repair the original which was covered by a extended warrranty. The brand new one failed after 2 weeks but fault only occurred when it had been on a while and got hot as ovens/grills do.

                After several engineer visits (dont stay long enough for fault to show, havent'
                got part, etc, etc ) countless hours on phone trying to explain problem and one set of lost tenants I replaced it and took it too my home address. I too wrote to MD and finally they agreed to refund the cost and said they would collect appliance problem solved.................not quite.

                No cheque but courier turns and asks for item to be returned to W******* we said no and reply was "oven! I can only collect small packages they need to send a big van".
                Company told when cheque arrives you can arrange to collect oven, 2 days later courier with big van arrives and is sent away!

                Anyway finally 3 months later several calls from my now angry partner (he was the one at home when couriers turned up). Calling is easier now as we have a name and number for a specific person in Croydon HQ. Refund money arrives in my account after a call from Ireland office who are responsible for paying up!

                Strangely enough they never did collect the oven and we never quite got round to taking it to their head office and leaving it in reception with a large pink bow attached!!! I take comfort in knowing that their total incompetance probably cost the company more than simply replacing the oven would have done!!


                  Unfortunately the cooker, which is the creation of the company not-quite-mentioned above, is over 12 months old... as, although it's only been installed 6 months I actually bought it around 9 months previous.

                  When I say 'melted on cheese' - I mean... it looks like they'd been cooking cheese on toast on the top wire shelf of the oven rather than using the grill.

                  The toast would then make contact with the element which would evenually cause it to catch fire.

                  But, there's no hard evidence of this... it's just what it looks like in my unprofessional opinion! (THere's burn marks on the wire too - and they admit to grilling toast at the time)

                  They're not complaining about it at the moment; which to me further confirms that they're guilty of neglect. I'll sort it out once they move out. Along with everything else!!!

                  At which point, Like you say - I'll have to take this one on the chin financially!



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