N325 Request for Warrant of Possession of Land - Court cost, issue fee

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  • N325 Request for Warrant of Possession of Land - Court cost, issue fee

    After unusually long and complicated accelerated possession procedure I finally got possession order for my propriety. In two days time I will have to ask for bailiff as my tenant has no intention to leave.

    I understand that I only need to fill form N325 and give the cheque and copy of the order to the court.

    I have a question about the filling of the form.

    The court ordered my client to pay me £175 for the cost. I think that I should write the amount the court ordered my tenant to pay in section 4 of the form (warren’s details). However, I saw on internet a guidance that that section should be left blank.
    Could you please advice if I can use form N325 Request for Warrant of Possession of Land for getting the cost and how to properly fill the section 4. Especialy the correct issue fee amount.

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    This bailiffs visit is only about getting your property back - they will not attempt to enforce the debt. Therefore it is fine to leave blank as it has no relevance to the application.


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      Which form I need to use for the cost or shall I just forget about it?


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        There are numerous ways to recover any financial award.

        You can -
        • Send the bailffs round to sieze goods and sell them (not really worth it unless there is a flash car on the road).
        • Get an attachment of earnings so that his employer pays you £x per week/month - no good if he is unemployed.
        • Get a 'Third Party Debt Order' so that the funds in his bank account on a certain day (up to the amount owed) are frozen and eventually paid to you - only any good if there are funds in the account on the day the bank actions it.
        Each of these cost (iirc) £100 and that is added onto the amount the debtor owes you (no use if you never get paid).

        You can also apply for an 'order to obtain information' whereby the court will question him about his financial situation (people have been known to lie). This will cost you £50.


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          I received a notice of Issue of warrantfrom the court informing me that a warrant was issued on 31/08/11 and will be executed in the court listed. There was warrant number, executing court’s telephone number and defendant’s details in the letter. No date of execution no information about bailiff. No other letter or form arrived.

          What I am supposed to do? Shell I contact executing court now, wait for some other letter, or do something else?
          Thank you


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            If you phone the executing court you can talk to the bailiffs who may give you an idea of execution date. In general, you need to contact bailiffs at 8:30 /9:00 because they are out 'bailiffing' after that.


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