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  • MrJohnnyB
    It says that you can terminate the lease after the first six months by giving at least 30 days notice. The termination takes effect from the date you specify in the break. Giving notice to break is not a termination thus you can terminate after 6 months. ie notice to expire on 21st September. It does not say you cannot give notice of your intention to terminate prior to that date thus does not preclude you doing so.

    The wording of the clause is absolutely stupid. Because the "Should the tenant vacate the property..." implies that you could leave after 6 months but would still be liable for rent thereafter. This is what happens when letting agents try to modify a letting agreement - they balls it up.

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  • Casonka
    started a topic Lease Clause interpretation help.

    Lease Clause interpretation help.

    I have a 12 month Lease which I wish to leave early, the clause is as follows

    The Lease will endure from the 21 MARCH 2011 (“Date of Entry”) until the 20 MARCH 2012, (“End Date”) both dates inclusive, but provided that the Tenant shall have the option to terminate this Lease after an initial 6 month period by giving at least 30 days written notice. Should the Tenant vacate the property before the End Date, the Tenant shall be liable to pay damages which shall include, for the avoidance of doubt but without prejudice to the foregoing generality, (a) rent at the same rate until the Property is re-let or the expiry of the Initial Term whichever is the earlier.

    Six months is up at 20 September, I have given 30 days notice.

    The Rental Agent claims I can only give six months after September hence keeping me until October.

    I read this Clause as that I can leave early and only have to pay until September.

    Any input appreciated

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