Money taken for cleaning carpets after checkout Inventory signed off.

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    Money taken for cleaning carpets after checkout Inventory signed off.

    Hi all

    Here is my issue: We did the Inventory checkout with our LL who was very happy with the cleanliness of the flat and commented on how well the carpets came out (we shampoo'd them) All was good and Inventory checkout was signed and completed with no further comments noted etc. The LL informed us that the Letting agent would be in touch to refund our deposit via DPS.

    Just over a week later, we receive a mail from the letting agent to say that the carpets were heavily soiled and that they had to have them steam cleaned, costing £80. They included photos of the 'heavy soiled' areas. These clearly show normal wear and tear over a very long period and we whole heartedly do not agree with this as we worked very hard to get them to a good standard.

    Anyway, my issue is that the LL signed off on the Inventory checkout and was extremely happy with everything, even commenting on the carpets. Can the Letting agent now suddenly have there own inventory without us present and go back on what was agreed upon with the LL?

    I have contacted the LL to let him know but he wasnt very forthcoming and said he would speak to the letting agent about it.

    Do we have any ground to stand on here?


    How tedious of your LL/LA, to behave like this.

    Just raise a dispute with whichever deposit protection scheme your money is in and keep any evidence e.g. signed off Inventory checkout, any photos you took, the communciations with the agent.

    I would be very surprised if the scheme adjudicator allowed the LA to deduct for the carpet cleaning, given what you have said.

    When the agent discovers you are not going to give in gracefully and accept any unfair deductions, he may back down or he may suggest you pay 50% of the £80. Refuse.
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