Anyone know how long a path should last?

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    Anyone know how long a path should last?

    Coloured patterned concrete residential front garden path - how long until cracks appear?

    Appears to have been properly laid (well as far as I can tell) with aggregate etc underneath. Paid over £2k for it and some other matching pathways less than 18 monhs ago.

    Assuming the path is a continous strip then the answer should be for a very long time (years)assuming no dramatic change in the ground conditions. The aggregate will not be the total issue what will be how much compaction applied to both the soil, then the aggregate coupled to the depth/strength of the path itself. Clearly there is movement of one or the other unless the concrete mix was too weak in which case it has been flexing too much. I presume the cracks are across not along the concrete!

    Not a good sign although the path will settle at somepoint. SBK is a very good controller for the weeds that will appear in due course!! sorry to be so gloomy!!


      Also - dependant on tree roots, settlement of yours or other
      property, severe frost getting into very small hairline cracks,
      and water expanding on freezing.
      And this last winter, water underneath the path freezing and
      expanding, pushing up the path and last winter was bloody cold,
      colder than for last 25 / 30 years ago up here.
      Concrete is known to crack if just placed on a surface, it's
      what it does, and is very good at it. It also contracts when drying.

      18 months is, granted, a short time.

      So could be any one of the reasons mentioned in all posts.


        Thanks guys, nothing you have written has surprised me. I had a 20 year lifespan in my head and wonder if I could claim 18 months makes it not fit for purpose (it should surely be able to withstand winter - they come once a year and are quite foreseeable)

        Crack (singular and quite fine at present) is across the path and the building is some 80 years old, so should have settled by now! No trees anywhere near.


          We've got a concrete slab path up to the front door which I think must date back to the 70s when the house was converted. I think one of the (8-ish) slabs may have an ancient crack but the rest look completely solid and stable, and I've lived here for over five years. No trees in the immediate vicinity. Survived recent harsh winters.


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