Change of a tenent in Tenancy agreement

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    Change of a tenent in Tenancy agreement

    I have a 3 bedroom property let out to 3 tenants jointly for a year on an AST on one contract. Just after six month one of the tenats on the contract wants to move out with the agreement of the other two. They have found another person to move in as soon as the 3rd room becomes vacant and then with the new person moving in all 3 of them would like to complete the term of the contract of one year.

    Could someone help me to what is the best thing for me to do.

    1. Should I create a fresh contract for about 24 weeks with the 2 staying on and then new person moving in?

    2 Or just on the old contract cross out the name of the moving out tenant and fill in the one moving in and get him tho sign the old contract?

    3. Or just keep the old contract as it is and get the new tenant to sign another document agreeing to the terms of the contract signed by the original 3 and then attach a copy of that document to the original contract.

    Also the S21 which was issued at the start of the tenancy in the names of the original 3, should it also be altered?

    If I Create a new tenancy and issue a new S21 for the remaining 24 weeks then it will not be enforceable til after 6 months after the start of the tenancy.

    I will be very grateful to here some experienced thoughts from forum members.

    What you need is a DEED OF ASSIGNMENT. On this the outgoing tenant, the incoming tenant, the remaining tenants and the landlord all sign to say that they agree with the incoming tenant taking over the responsibilities of the outgoing one.

    You will need to sort things out about the deposit as well, but in short, Deed of Assignment is what you're after.


      Thanks for your suggestion. So basically if we prepare a document with heading on the top saying Deed of Assignent and then just saying that everyone agrees to the original contract and the incoming tenant takes over the responsibility of the outgoing one and all parties sign.


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