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    Gas Boiler

    I have to renew my Landlords Certificate for GAS. I had one person around to check out the property and he says that I need to replace the boiler because it is in a small cloakroom downstairs which he classes as Zone A. The guy who did the inspection last year said that this was not a problem and that only having a boiler in a bathroom (with bath or shower) would be a problem. Does anyone know what is the definitive answer, is the new plumber just trying it on?

    Thanks in advance


    Well you have two options

    i) Ask the gas installer to define 'zone A' and why this is a problem


    ii) Get other gas installers in for a second opinion and do a safety record

    Without knowing the full details of the boiler, location, surroundings, etc it would be hard to establish a suitable answer on whether he is/was trying it on.


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