S21 notice period 3 weeks before end of fixed term?

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    S21 notice period 3 weeks before end of fixed term?

    Hi all

    I have a monthly AST on a 12 month fixed term which comes to an end in 3 weeks time and I'd like to give the correct notice. I think that during the fixed term after 6 months, the notice would have been 2 months, not required to end on a payment date.

    However I think that once it rolls into a periodic tenancy it needs to be 2 months ending on a payment date.

    If I want to give notice now does it have to end on a payment date or not? (it will be ending during the periodic tenancy either way).


    It will be an s21(1)(b) and does NOT have to end on a period-end date. The date of service is what matters when deciding between s21(1)(b) and s21(4)(a)

    Ount of interest - rent dates are usually the first day in a tenancy period, but the statute requires the s21(4)(a) to end on the "last day of a period of the tenancy". This is usually expressed as "after XX/XX/20XX", including the vital word 'after' (you can't have possession ON the last day, because it is still part of the tenancy).


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