Template letter cliaming deposit ( from LL to LA )

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  • MetropolitanAnthony
    Excellent advice. Thank you both for your guidance.

    I have now found two forwarding addresses for T and I have found the TDS certificate from the LA that shows the deposit was registered in good time. As LL I have drafted my deposit claim in the form of a letter to my LA. I am claiming approx 60% of the deposit.

    I can attach a sanitised version of my claim letter if this is appropriate. It might help another LL in my position. I have removed all identifying names, addresses.

    Metropolitan Anthony.

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  • Snorkerz
    You recover the deposit via the agent. If tenant can not be found, then the deposit scheme will have a "single claim process" which will allow you to claim an appropriate amount of the deposit back without the tenants involvement.

    If you still need to trace the tenant after you have recovered the deposit, companies like findermonkey will trace your tenant on a no-find-no-fee basis - costs around £40. If tenant is asset-less, it may not be worth doing. Do not employ a tracing agency within 3 months of a change of address, they need time for the tenant to lay a new trail.

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  • mariner
    Chances are LA put it in (their own?) insurance based dep scheme, so approach LA first, make sure he has handled it correctly and provided T with reqd info. Why do you not know as T deposit is ultimately your liability? Decide amount of deductions to be made. If deductions > deposit decide if excess is worth paying a tracing Co to find T so you can make a SCC claim. I would wait to reclaim dep until you can make a single person claim for refund, no T forwarding address reqd. Scheme should attempt to contact ex T from info they have eg mobile no. If T does not respond, full deposit will be repaid to you/LA.

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  • Template letter cliaming deposit ( from LL to LA )

    Last year my LA protected T's deposit in a deposit scheme in good time. Yesterday my inventory clerk was genuinely shocked by what he found in my flat at the check out. As LL I now want to initiate a claim so that a proportion of T's deposit is returned to me not him.

    a) I am not sure how to initiate this claim in writing. What form of words should I use. Is there a template letter on this site that I can adapt ?

    b) To get the deposit returned, I have a choice of approaching the LA directly or approaching the deposit scheme directly or a blend of the two. What is the form?

    c) I do not know T's forwarding address. Therefore I am going to have trouble giving T 10 days notice or whatever is required because I don't know where he is. Similarly I doubt I can go the MCOL route.

    Any responses welcome.

    Thank you , Metropolitan Scumbag Millionaire Anthony.

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