Problems with the new flat, need advice

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    Problems with the new flat, need advice

    At first I want to mention that I am new to this forum so if I make any mistake kindly correct me and help me along the way thanks again.

    Last month I was looking for a property and managed to find one with a letting agency and after all the paperwork was done I was told that property is managed by the landlord and not the agency itself anyway I got the keys for the flat and when I came into the flat it was a complete mess with no cleaning done, wooden planks and paint boxes on the floor and worst of all the agency did not supply me with the prepayment key for electric meter hencw no electricity in the flat, also the day I got the flat keys was friday afternoon and I was told that prepayment key is booked for me at certain shop I went into the shop and there I was told that do not have any key reserved for me so because of no electricity I did not moved into the property on 29th meanwhile I took the pictures of the mess with broken cabinet and dirty flat and sent it to the letting agency an also tried calling my landlord but his phone was either not answered or went to voicemail , I sent the letting agency all the pictures and told them because of the state the property is in I am not moving into it and asked them who will compensate me for it as I have paid deposit / rent on 29th and I moving 2 days late (not that I was looking for compensation for 2 days but just to push them a bit to sort things out) after the email I got a call from LL saying that agency let him down and he is sorry and he will fix things up soon enough therefore I met him on 1st of august showed him what needs ro be done and moved in the flat on 1st of this month.

    And another set of problems started after moving in, the carpet had bugs all over and you could not do anything just avoid going to it (luckily only 1 room had carpet) kitchen flooring was still a mess with stain spots all over the floor. But apart from all these issues three major problems still faced by me are:

    i. There is no hot shower in the flat, there is hot water in taps all over and also in bathtub tap but when you transfer the hot water to shower it goes away.

    ii. When thr hot water is transfered to shower instead of coming out of shower it goes away at the back through spillage pipe behind the bathtub with my neighbours below already complained to me about

    iii. Theres a exhaust in the toilet but cant find the switch for it and instead of exhaust being fixed LL have made a hole in thr top corner wall of bathroom which is joined by bedroom so now if you are in the bedroom and someone is in bathroom you could hear everything and I feel like my bed is in the toilet as I could hear even if some take a leak :/

    Although I have mentioned the issue with shower to the LL in response to that he is saying there is nothing he could do as the whole area of the county is suffering from low pressure (which I highly doubt as I have never had this problem) and On the other hand his plumber who visited said to me that the low pressure is because the boiler is below the shower and it could be fixed with using shower pump (which again LL is not keen on as he said to me shower pump finishes the watet quickly from the boiler therefore not suitable) and I have tried my best to talk him into sort out this shower issue instead I got a cold text message from him saying carpet would be cleaned by next week and for shower he can not do anything and he will see into it after coming back from holidays (which i do not know how long for or since when and who is the person to call if he is on holidays)

    Kindly tell me how can I deal with these issues and ask me if I have failed yo mention anything, thanks again

    I am sorry to hear you have been the victim of this shoddines. Clearly one should inspect very carefully before entering into a tenancy agreement.

    Have you approached the landlord to remedy these problems?

    If such an approach has not yielded the results you desire get onto the local authority who have statutory powers to compel landlords to deal with disrepairs.

    I do not think however there is a proper legal basis to void the tenancy agreement


      Best to talk to the LL and get him to fix things asap. He is in breach of the AST by not maintaining the property.


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