Tenants only making part payment issue

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    Tenants only making part payment issue

    Hi there,

    I've got a problem with my current tenants. They have applied for housing benefit as they had difficulty making the payments originally. The trouble is the rent is £530 a month and the housing benefit only covers £415.

    I know that they are supposed to pay the difference and yet they are now coming up to two months without giving me any extra so try will be £230 short.

    They have confirmed that they cannot pay me anything until they start work again. Which could be a while.

    As they won't be two months in arrears for ages I therefore can't issue a section 8 for ages but I really need the extra money.

    What are my options please?

    Many thanks

    Are you in england/wales?
    Whan was the last tenancy agreement signed?
    How long as that tenancy agreement for?
    Is/Was there a break clause?
    Has a deposit been paid?
    Is it protected in a government approved scheme?
    Has the tenant been provided with an address (in E or W) so that they can serve documents on you?

    You can apply for a section 8 under grounds 10 & 11 (cost £100 online) but no guarantee of success.


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