Defending an Accelerated Possesion Procedure - Allocation questionaire ?

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    Defending an Accelerated Possesion Procedure - Allocation questionaire ?

    Morning All !

    I have a tenant who completed a defence form, her answers DIDNT condradict the landlord's.

    A few days later the county court send both landlord and tenant were sent a "Notice that a Defence has been Filed", it goes on to say

    "The defendant has filed a defence, a copy of which is enclosed with this notice. An allocation question is also enclosed which contains notes for guidance on how to complete it.

    You must complete the allocation quentionaire on or before 8th August 2011 and return it to the court office "

    I have never has this allocation questionaire before, does anyone know anything about this and whether it will result in a court hearing, I was trying to avoid it going to a hearing. As I said before the tenant didn't contradict the landlord so it should have been straight forward.

    Many Thanks in advance !


    So, what was the tenants 'defence'? It may be that the court thought the same thing, so needs a hearing to find out.


      Hi Snorkerz

      She didn't defend the claim, but did fill in the defence form if that makes sense.

      The form asked some basic questions and she answered them i.e do you agree to receieving notice etc..

      I am guessing it is some type of auto mediation service everytime the court rec a defence from tenant.

      Have tried calling court to no avail, either busy or dont pick up, will advise once I find out.



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