My Tenant Forced Out of Property by Housing Benefit Lout Neighbour

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    My Tenant Forced Out of Property by Housing Benefit Lout Neighbour

    My first post, so I hope I have followed board etiquette correctly!

    Our tenents, a hard working family who have been in situ for about five years, have felt compelled to give their notice, after being subjected to abuse by the residents of the next door property. This culminated in a brick smashing the lounge window last week. (This is in an area that never normally has any problems like that - one of the nicer bits of Milton Keynes).

    The neighbours are on housing benefit. There are various issues which have required police & social services intervention. For example, court orders are in place to prevent the male partner from actually being at the address. Needless to say, the forces of law & order are anything but!

    Is there anything I can do to get the yobs out of the next door property?
    Can I realistically take any action to recover the financial losses that we will now incur?

    Many thanks for any advice from those who have experienced similar problems.


    Being in breach of a court order is usually an arrestable offence depending on the order. Just get on to the local plod again, report the brick...criminal damage.....and again press hard to point about the "excluded" living at the address. Demand to speak to the duty inspector and also follow up in writing.
    Who is the Landlord for adjoining property?? Contact Environmental health re noise issues. I cannot emphasis strongly enough that whenever you "speak" to someone ALWAYS get their name and ALWAYS follow up in writing referring to the details of the contact. Plod and Local Council MUST acknowledge your letters whereas they often forget the inconvient phone call. On the HB front if one of the claiments has been "excluded" by Court order then they are NOT entitled to HB at that address. Again pursue the HB department give then the facts. Whilst they will be unable to "discuss" with you what they will do is suspend pending investigation. Who is the LL, assuming it is rented, if it is rented and you do not know the LL. If not spend £2 on the Land Registry site and get details then get onto his case as well!!!!

    You will not recover your financial losses. Once tenants have left make sure your property is very secure adding external security lights if possible helpful if property is readily overlooked by other houses. On the security front try and make contact with the neighbours who do have a view of the house just asking them, if they are willing, to keep half an eye once house empty giving them your contact details.
    In action is not an option. Right glorious sailing weather so I am off for a day on the Solent!!!


      You could try to find out who owns the property through the land registry website (£4) and if you can then find their address also so could write them a nice letter explaining the problems you have been having. If the property is rented through a agent the owner may not have been informed of all the problems or any of them.

      You could ask the owner to contact you so you can discuss the issues. If they dont you could write again and state you are suffering a financial due to his inaction and you will seek to recover it through the courts then follow it up with a letter before action.

      I dont know if you could follow it through but it may give him a kick up the backside to address the problem.


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