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    PCOL - Witness Statements

    When starting a PCOL - Do you need to submit any witness statements before the case - by post, in person? Or just take them on the day of the court hearing?

    Take them on the day!

    Freedom at the point of zero............


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    • Section 8 on tenants without deposit
      by dereham
      Hello all

      Is it difficult to evict a tenant (section 8 rent arrears) if they didn't pay a deposit when they moved in?
      It might be a silly question - I know it's a massive issue not to have protected a deposit when it comes to eviction but I can't find any info about cases where there...
      02-12-2021, 11:30 AM
    • Reply to End of tenancy questions
      by leasee123
      So is it best to serve section 21 together with a section 13? As that is the only way to ensure I can get the rent increase?...
      02-12-2021, 09:56 AM
    • End of tenancy questions
      by leasee123

      I am a landlord and the current tenancy is coming close to the end of the AST fixed period. I am unsure what the process is when it comes to things like increasing rent and section 21 etc. I am using an agent for tenant find and they do the negotiating with the tenants (and of course...
      01-12-2021, 21:08 PM
    • Reply to Alternative ways to enforce a Peaceable Eviction
      by bob369
      I wish to gain a court order for eviction, can that be sought in advance of the approaching Notices end date, or does he need to become a 'hold over' tresspasser before I can apply.
      Apologies that is a typo, if it wasn't for the infernal 'Moderator Approval' system being so pedantic I would have...
      02-12-2021, 09:54 AM
    • Alternative ways to enforce a Peaceable Eviction
      by bob369

      A Lodger (Excluded Occupier) needs to be excluded as his Notice Period has expired (one calendar month), and he refuses to leave

      I understand Police will not get involved to remove him, even though he is tresspassing, understand they view this as Civil not criminal....
      24-11-2021, 23:16 PM
    • Reply to End of tenancy questions
      by jpkeates
      You can charge them any rent that they agree to pay, otherwise, your only option to unilaterally increase the rent is a s13 notice.

      The s13 notice includes an appeals process, so you can't simply "evict" someone by charging a ludicrous rent....
      02-12-2021, 09:50 AM
    • Reply to Granting a very long AST (to a family member)
      by Section20z
      The flat's lease will likely prohibit lettings of more than a year (or class it as an assignment)
      02-12-2021, 09:44 AM
    • Granting a very long AST (to a family member)
      by meehr
      For a variety of reasons a family member is considering renting out their leasehold flat to a cousin for a long period of time - to provide security they want to grant a very long AST, like 8 years (till kids have left home basically). They both want to do this for security and avoidance of argument...
      01-12-2021, 23:27 PM
    • Reply to End of tenancy questions
      by leasee123
      But what happens if tenants don't leave (when it was originally agreed they would), can I charge them the higher rent? Because a section 13 would not have been served (given it was agreed they would leave at the end of the fixed term) would I still be allowed to charge them a higher rent?
      02-12-2021, 09:43 AM
    • Reply to who's repsponsibility
      by jpucng62
      Tenants often don't have the tools to manage large foliage or dispose of it. If I could do it without too much effort I probably would or offer to arrange for it to be done & pass on the cost. It is definitely their responsibility.
      02-12-2021, 09:20 AM