Landlord Chasing me for rent all ready paid please help!

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    Landlord Chasing me for rent all ready paid please help!

    The situation that i'm in at the moment is that i'm a student and i signed a contract through a letting agent for a year. We had some trouble paying my first month's rent (July'10) as they refused various methods of payment that I offered. In the end my Mum paid it but she doesn't remember how, after which she set up a standing order. I did check in september '10 with the agent and they informed me that all my payments were up to date.

    Over the course of the Tenancy i was subjected to living in unsuitable conditions such as damp, which caused some severe health problems and also affected my property. I eventually got them to do something about this issue though it was after 6 months of my tenancy. I paid my last months rent before the contract was up and overpaid to cover another payment. I then checked with the agent that my account was upto date and whether they had recieved the payment, they informed me that this was the case.

    However a few days later a week before the end of my contract they called to say i hadn't paid my first month's rent and demanded that i pay it. My mum adamantly states she paid it and i'm inclined to believe her especially as they confirmed it then. However she cannot find her reciepts and can't remember where she has filed them having a great deal of her own papers to deal with.

    I don't really know what to do, i'm no longer in the property, my contract has ended, I have no money as i've had to take up another contract where i have moved to. When i asked for copies of their records, they've left the month of july '10 blank but looking over the other payments not all of them are exactly correct in amount, which i feel relates to poor accounting practices. In any case they are threatening legal action and i really could use some advice.


    You need to help look through your Mum's paperwork to see if receipt can be found. If LL does initiate court action the onus is on you to prove payment and not them to prove non-payment (you cannot prove you didn't receive something).

    Obviously first things to check would be her bank account(s) and any credit card she held at the time. Or could be a tiny receipt book type receipt if she went into the LA's office and paid cash.

    Might be an idea to go over events together to see if you can spark a memory with her. Do you remember phone conversations trying to sort out things with your Mum as you was trying to sort out your tenancy. IE if you remember talking to her about going into the office herself did you have to tell her how to get there, a little detail could spark a memory that she remembers withdrawing that amount and going into the office, this could then remind her what the receipt looks like etc. Or she could remember which CC she used.

    Failing that you need to go through every scrap of paper in your Mum's house.
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