Tenant lost her job & can't afford rent where do i stand???

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    Originally posted by Ericthelobster View Post
    But that point is nearly 4 months away. I'd definitely serve the S21 (as a back up if nothing else), for sure; but if the tenant now stops paying rent full stop she'll be 2 months behind - at which point the OP could serve S8 - in less than a month's time.

    I'd suggest reviewing the situation at that point, since S8 could be a considerably faster route to getting her out (I agree that recovery of the lost rent is unlikely to be an issue here).
    Just to add to the above: as has been pointed out, there's nothing actually you can do at right at this moment - as you can't "action" an S21 until 6 months has elapsed I'd suggest you might want to hold back from serving that until later - ie up to 2 months before the end of the tenancy; it makes no difference to when you can start possession proceedings. This would let you appear to be giving her the benefit of the doubt, and gives some time to see of she can come up with what she promises. She might - in which case you may well want to keep her on. But if you serve an S21 right now she may feel she's nothing to lose, and will make no effort to pay her rent at all.


      Originally posted by jc estates View Post
      Hi i have a tenant who is just starting her 3rd month of a 6 month AST her rent was due on the 7th one week prior we were contacted to say she had lost her job and could not afford to pay the rent.
      Another strategy you might want to consider...

      Your tenant no doubt reckons (correctly) that she's committed to the 6-month lease and can't leave before then. If I were in your shoes I'd be wanting to cut my losses and would certainly allow her to break the contract if she wanted to. Maybe she has family she could go back to temporarily? If she's a responsible sort who doesn't want to end up in debt, you may find she responds well to an informal offer from you that if she wants to leave within a fortnight or something, you won't pursue her for the outstanding rent or hold her to the remainder of the contract.

      I've been in exactly the same position you are, except that in my case not only did my under-25 single tenant lose her job, she also got pregnant too; so made it even more unlikely that I'd see my rent money. Ended up losing about 3 months' worth over it.


        Thanks Eric thats exactly why we are trying to contact her been in this situation before and we just let the tenant walk to get the flat back i was dreading an eviction process then and this is the tenant that replaced them ( if i didn't have bad luck i'd have no luck at all!!!!) if i draw a blank with the tenant liason officer regarding her HB application on monday i think i will put a letter with option's on it through her door Simon..


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