Noise : Requition for Information / Environmental Protection Act 1990 Section 80

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    Noise : Requition for Information / Environmental Protection Act 1990 Section 80

    I am posting this on behalf of another landlord. He received a notice letter from the local authority for "Requisition for Information" under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 for the function of "abating the occurence or reoccurance of a statutory noise nuisance as confered by the Environmental Protection Act 1990 - Section 80".

    The local authority want to know all sorts of information - similar to page 3 on

    What does having to know who the mortgage company have to do with noise control?

    The tenant are good honest family and did admit to having a BBQ birthday party in the garden and with music two months ago, which finished by 9pm.

    Following the complaint, the tenants went to the local authority regarding the noise complaint. And it was belived the matter was closed.

    So why has the local authority sent another letter demaining this information?
    What is the procedure?
    What action will the Council take?
    Is there a way of getting the council to povide details of the date / times of complaints including who made them?

    At the moment, it is unclear what additional complaints there are (if any). The tenants, did feel may be getting blamed for music noise from properties at the back. As noise travels, it is sometimes, hard to tell the origin....

    The council can serve a notice on any person having an interest in the land, this includes your mortgagee if there is one.
    If the council is minded to, they can serve an abatement notice after they have gathered evidence in the form of observation records from the complainant, their own observations, observations from such as police etc. They usually serve it on the person who has allegedly caused the complaint to be made. Best result is obtained by phoning the council department and having an informal chat.


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