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  • Section 21 advice for tenants

    Can anyone help?

    We have lived in our house for 11 months and currently have possession on a periodic tenancy (after an initial 6 month ast). We have just had notice served on us by our land lord (6th April) with an expiry date of 1st July (All correctly served).

    My question is can we leave prior to the 1st July (without land lord agreement) and not be liable for the outstanding rent (ie from when we leave through to the 1st July). Surely we are not obliged to stay till the 1st July are we? The situation we are in is that our land lord is returning from abroad in July but we have seen a new rental that we will lose unlesss we can sign up this week

    If we are obliged to stay till the end of the notice period - what would the situation be if our landlord had provided 6 months notice - surely we would not be forced to stay for that period ?? The only way out then would possibly be to serve a counter-notice Section 21?

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    You do not have to stay to the end of the S21 period, you can give notice yourself, usually one month depending on your tenancy agreement. You must either stay or pay rent to the end of this period. If the landlord re lets the property during this time, you may be able to claim it back.


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      Decided to speak to landlord who today agreed to reease us from serving full notice period. (We are very good tenants ) Thanx for your help


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        No need to issue any counter-notice, you can leave when you like!

        Whoops! Just answered one of my questions, but hey, it shows you're looking!
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