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    Chasing payment after court...

    Last November I obtained judgement against a non-paying tenant via various clauses under section 8 (thanks to the help on here!).

    Tenant of course didn't show up, never left a forwarding address and actually wrote across his defence that there was no case to answer. Anyway I found his name and what seemed, to be a current address on the electoral roll via - I don't know how reliable the site is - and so sent a copy of the judgement to that address. Of course there was no response. I have continued my search and today found him listed as director for three separate companies all recently registered and to the same, new address. I have no idea what he's up to; last thing I knew he was claiming benefits but he's dodgy as hell.

    What I'd like to know is, is this info any use? Could I send a copy of the judgement to this company address? I have spoken to the court about pursuing the judgement but I was passed from pillar to post and not one person could tell me what I needed to do. Would the CAB be able to give any advice on pursuing him? He may be a man of straw but there's a principle at stake and I want him to realise I'm not going to go away.

    ETS Company address also seems to be a residential address - presumably his?
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    I know some people on here have recommended Finder Monkey (link below). I've not used them myself but believe address are confirmed by banks and utility companies which should provide a level of confidence. I would also probably try using a debt collecting company to go and collect (depending on the amount outstanding) you can add all your costs to the debt. Do you think he has enough money / assets (house, car...) to pay you back?


      Once you have a confirmed address, you can request an "order to obtain information" from the court. Basicaly the debtor has to attend court and answer questions under oath - details of bank accounts / assets etc. There is a standard list of Qs, but you can add your own. The questioning is usually done by a clerk, unless there is a specific reason for a judge to be involved. You don't get the chance to do it yourself

      There are fees for this (which you pay but are added to the debt) so you have to make a judgement call as to the financial viability of doing so.


        Well, we had the same situation, we found out where he worked, called and asked for the guy, when the girl asked us what its in connection with we said " Its to do with the money he owes us after wrecking our house, then doing a runner without paying rent then avoiding a court case, can you put him on please or tell him I'm outside "

        Strangely the guy got in touch, and even more oddly, his mother sent us a cheque !

        The court are a waste of time at this stage, stick with it.


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