Help needed please - eviction questions

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    Help needed please - eviction questions

    Hi all,
    i hope someone can give me some help.

    Firstly, my father was a landlord, but he sadly passed away very suddenly this year, and i have inherited the building. It currently has two tenants in seperate flats, who are funded by housing benefit.
    We have a problem with one of the tenants. While they do not owe any backrent ( as i say, it is paid directly to me from the council ), my father had a debt book, and was personnaly owed a large sum of money built up over a few years of small loans. The tenant is not willing to pay this. Also, CCtv cameras from inside the building (communal areas) have recently been ripped off the walls and stolen, also we have a strong reason to believe the tenant is dealing drugs from the premises. Although there is no real proof.
    I would like to evict this tenant, and i have researched and found that i should be able to use the accelerated possession procedure, as the tenant is in breach of some of the standard terms and conditions as used in shorthold agreements.
    Here is where i have a problem. I cannot find anywhere in my fathers possessions any signed copies of tenant agreements, only blank shorthold documents.
    What should i do ?
    If anyone needs any further info, please reply and i will update with anything i know. ( any feedback will be appreciated )
    Many thanks

    I am sorry that you have taken on this responsibility in such an abrupt manner. Let's see what the members can help you with...

    Please start by telling us what country the property is located in.


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