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    Very short term lets - 2 nights +

    I've started offering very short term lets after getting fed up with paying extravagant agents fees.

    Realised I didn't do a lot of digging into the legal side of this. But now that I am I'm finding it hard to find any information, though I realise not many people are offering it.

    As people are very interested in renting apartments or houses with the convenience of hotel, can anyone offer any advice as to what sort of contract / booking form I should use?

    As an addendum to this, I'd also like to start managing other peoples apartments in the same manner. The main question here is what type of contract to have with the owner.

    I will be giving the owner a fixed rental, inclusive of bills, per month and then trying to find a profit for myself through short term lettings. The advantage for the owner being that they don't suddenly get a costly 'dark' period.

    Can I get away with it being called a managed let instead of a sub-let?


    Holiday let

    For the short lets you have in mind, your tenants should be asked to sign a holiday let agreement.


      Thanks for that. I've down loaded a blank copy of the Holiday Let Agreement.

      Does this usually get sent to a prospective tenant ahead of the booking or when they arrive?

      I can forsee times when you'll want to sign the agreement when they arrive but the witness is sometimes a problem. You don't want to keep asking neighbours or concierges and some people just plain don't want to put their name to anything.


        Where did you get this agreement from? Seems inappropriate.

        Since when did you require someone to witness your signature when booking into a hotel?


          I got the agreement from a website called CLICKDOCS.CO.UK.

          Have I wasted my money?!

          I would love to have same agreement without the need for a witness signature and address. Or perhaps it's all inappropriate?

          Where should I get the right agreement from?

          Thanks for your help.


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            by Kape65
   says "You must order an EPC for potential buyers and tenants before you market your property to sell or rent." A simplistic view I know but if you didn't market the property you don't officially need one.
            24-09-2021, 09:13 AM
          • S21 served expired EPC!
            by Worriednow
            Hi All
            Hope you can help. I served a S21 notice on my tenants giving them 6 months notice to leave. The actual tenancy expired in August 2021 but with the Covid rules i had to give 6 months notice which means they have to be out by November.

            The notice was served May this year but...
            23-09-2021, 20:02 PM
          • Reply to S21 served expired EPC!
            by jpkeates
            I think you have fundamentally misunderstood the responses that you have received.

            Do what you think best....
            24-09-2021, 09:02 AM
          • Reply to Using a rental guarantee agency
            by jpkeates
            If someone sent me a message like that, they'd be blocked and ignored forever.
            24-09-2021, 09:01 AM
          • Using a rental guarantee agency
            by Luke
            I am the LL to a three bedroom property in London which is currently empty as the previous tenants moved out .
            I am having difficulty getting back to the U.K at the moment because I am abroad in a Covid red zone Country ,
            I have contacted an agency who have visited the property and given...
            22-09-2021, 11:54 AM
          • Reply to Using a rental guarantee agency
            by Luke
            The agency guy made me an offer which was quite below the market rate , I was considering the offer and two days later he asked me what I have decided to do . I apologized for not replying earlier as I had been busy sorting my tenancy agreement out .
            He replied "You MISUNDERSTOOD I gave...
            24-09-2021, 08:34 AM
          • Reply to S21 served expired EPC!
            by Worriednow
            Unfortunately I simply renewed the tenancy like I have been on a yearly basis. So when I last renewed with them I didn't give a EPC, we just renewed amicably. It's only since serving the S21 notice that I realised I should have given them the EPC when they renewed last year, except it had already expired...
            24-09-2021, 08:25 AM
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            by michaelwgroves
            I was with Spark for my home for several years, now park of OVO. I remember it was fine. I might call them to see what they can do...
            24-09-2021, 08:20 AM
          • Utilities Account Manager
            by michaelwgroves
            I have a large portfolio, I got tired of spending ours on the phone each week managing utilities between tenancies. I found a utility company that gave me a dedicated account team. I simply email the tenancy change and it gets sorted. However, there are a few challenges they are struggling to overcome,...
            22-09-2021, 07:15 AM
          • Reply to Dispute deposit based on damage that landlord didn't repair?
            by Hooper
            Sounds like a poor LL. But if the damage is not noted on check-in and is listed on check out, then rightly or wrongly the evidence is in LL favour, surely?

            If there was damage at check-in and it was not noted on the report, then it is the tenant's responsibility to have the report amended....
            24-09-2021, 08:08 AM