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    Very short term lets - 2 nights +

    I've started offering very short term lets after getting fed up with paying extravagant agents fees.

    Realised I didn't do a lot of digging into the legal side of this. But now that I am I'm finding it hard to find any information, though I realise not many people are offering it.

    As people are very interested in renting apartments or houses with the convenience of hotel, can anyone offer any advice as to what sort of contract / booking form I should use?

    As an addendum to this, I'd also like to start managing other peoples apartments in the same manner. The main question here is what type of contract to have with the owner.

    I will be giving the owner a fixed rental, inclusive of bills, per month and then trying to find a profit for myself through short term lettings. The advantage for the owner being that they don't suddenly get a costly 'dark' period.

    Can I get away with it being called a managed let instead of a sub-let?


    Holiday let

    For the short lets you have in mind, your tenants should be asked to sign a holiday let agreement.


      Thanks for that. I've down loaded a blank copy of the Holiday Let Agreement.

      Does this usually get sent to a prospective tenant ahead of the booking or when they arrive?

      I can forsee times when you'll want to sign the agreement when they arrive but the witness is sometimes a problem. You don't want to keep asking neighbours or concierges and some people just plain don't want to put their name to anything.


        Where did you get this agreement from? Seems inappropriate.

        Since when did you require someone to witness your signature when booking into a hotel?


          I got the agreement from a website called CLICKDOCS.CO.UK.

          Have I wasted my money?!

          I would love to have same agreement without the need for a witness signature and address. Or perhaps it's all inappropriate?

          Where should I get the right agreement from?

          Thanks for your help.


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            Landlords cost to install …… it’s people like this with no social responsibility that give LLs a bad name

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            Hi All,

            Hope your all well!

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            Not so easy or affordable having to do 10 rooms throughout a property though - and I think the OP is concerned about his handyman skills going wrong and being held accountable.
            17-10-2021, 09:55 AM
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            HaHa - my wife and I once stayed at a Pontins Hotel on the Isle of Wight - we were allocated a room in a large house on the site, which shared a bathroom.

            My wife ran the bath, came to the room to collect something and found we couldn't get back in to the bathroom as the door was stuck....
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            OK it's a niggle. But is it realy worth you stressing about it?

            For the cost of a curtain rail/track (look on Argos, they range from about £10 to about £30) just put up your own rail, which is even better because you can choose which type/style you want.

            Don't bother about...
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            So, the door was not replaced at the time the LA (and subsequently you) were informed? So, it could have been cancelled by the LA or you then.

            At which point then does the Housing Association turn up with a front door for your Tenant, who's been without one since approx 5.30am
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            In my defence, 3 out of 6 respondents also believe the contents to be somewhat "astonishing" lol.

            AND with credit to the ones who haven't, they're the ones who will give up their time to answer ALL questions if they feel they can share knowledge - no matter how absurd some of...
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            They arranged the door replacement after they had got out of the bathroom, and it wasn't replaced until later in the afternoon that day. They have the agents phone number, and internet access on their phone....
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