Problems with new tenants - should i evict?

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  • Problems with new tenants - should i evict?

    Young woman, her partner and their 3 yr old moved into my property 2 weeks ago. They have already split up and lady wants to take house on by herself paying via dss (rent is £450pm). Joint agreement was signed. I am a little apprehensive about her living on her own and being able to pay rent etc. I was happy initially to accept dss as the partner of lady said he would pay full rent if i was uncomfortable accepting dss. Where do i stand for removing her from property? I took a chance as they seemed ok and he was working with a neighbour but am now concerned this could be a real headache.

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    Did you obtain thorough references?
    Have you a guarantor in place?

    If the answer is 'No' to the above then you might have a big problem. You can't repossess a property until at least 6 months into the tenancy unless there is at least 2 months rent unpaid.

    Look on many other threads on this subject, such as at the bottom of the page under 'Similar Threads'. By the way DSS hasn't exisited for over 10 years, it's now LHA.
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      Unfortunately no good reference but i met lads boss (neighbour). He has agreed to sign a guarantor agreement on ex-partners behalf. Guess i got to ride with it and see what happens.

      Thanks for your help.


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        Just ensure that you stay on top of it, make sure that rent doesn't get out of hand as the new(ish) system for housing benefit isn't particularly favourable towards LL.
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          Originally posted by chad73 View Post
          Unfortunately no good reference but i met lads boss (neighbour). He has agreed to sign a guarantor agreement on ex-partners behalf.
          Ensure that it is drawn as a Deed of Guarantee and executed as such.
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