Neighbour behaviour repeatedly causing tenants to abandon

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    Neighbour behaviour repeatedly causing tenants to abandon

    I wonder if anyone has come across this before - or if anyone can offer any thoughts...

    I am a UK citizen who has emigrated overseas - renting a UK property. Tenants love the property but are confronted by a crazy neighbour who not only ticks every box of antisocial behaviour - shouting abuse, banging on walls etc has also made racist threats to previous tenants. The neighbour in question has been held by the police over night a while back to sober up after the police were called... but now that there is just harassment and no racial element with the new tenants it seems the police and the council are un interested. If the current tenants abandon the property - what to do next...

    One option is that the neighbour does not own her property but is effectively living in her inheritance as it is owned by her parents. has anyone had any experience taking legal action for loss of earnings where its an outside factor stopping your rent from coming in?

    Any thoughts much appreciated...

    Your first step (or your tenants) might be to apply for an injunction. That would put the neighbour on a warning at least.
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