Estate Agents Visiting Property that Landlord is Selling

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    Estate Agents Visiting Property that Landlord is Selling

    My landlord has recently put our property on the market and we've had real estate agents come to our place to show the flat to prospective buyers.

    However, I'm getting concerned as the estate agents have not shown any ID or sent any formal letter advising us that they will be showing the home to people. I guess that there is a fear that items or important information may be stolen from our flat.

    Can I demand that they provide this to me first before the show the property to more people ? In the past we had been home when they showed people around, so it was ok in a way, but still concerned that there was no official letter or notification that they would be showing the property.

    Can anyone help me on this?

    You can request that if you so wish yes - you can legally refuse access to the property if you wish, for whatever conditions you require.
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      It's your home, so take control.

      Tell the owner and agent that you are willing for viewings to take place, but on your terms. You could say something like viewings can only take place on Tuesday Evenings between 6 and 8 and Saturday mornings between 10 and 1.

      Make sure that the owner has not given keys to any agent. Some agents will come at all times of the day, and without notice, letting themselves in if nobody is in.
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        As well as set times, which are helpful to agents as it means they have some idea of when it suits you for them to arrange viewings, you can always ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice. You are entitled to peace in your own home as tenants. As for ID, ask away, no agent should withold that if asked.


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