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    Suggestions for getting property let

    Hi All,

    My last tenant moved out in September to move to a bigger property. Since then, I have tried advertising in the local paper and put some cards in local shops. I've been really disappointed in the response.

    Being a relatively new LL, I was reluctant to accept HB tenants as I was worried about the associated bureaucracy. I think that this may be wrong and I need to review my thinking.

    Is there a Local Authority or Council department that I can approach to advise that I have a flat available to let for HB tenants? I'm looking for alternative approaches to the advertising that has proved unsuccessful thus far. I'd welcome idea's that people have used to success in getting their flat(s) let?


    It may be worth acquiring the services of a reputable letting agent on a let only basis. Or perhaps buying a "to let" sign and attaching it to the property - I forget where you get these from but I'm sure someone will remember!
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