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    I hope somebody can spare the time to read my post and help me with my problem. I have been letting my flat for a year and have encountered my first dilemma.

    The tenant has just left our property which was let to them unfurnished for 14 months on an assured short hold tenancy agreement. We had a professional clean done before the tenants took occupancy and an inventory on check-in. The inventory highlighted that the carpets were not cleaned properly and a couple of other small snags such as venetian blinds still dusty, interior of kitchen cabinets needing a further wipe over, kitchen window needing further cleaning and the fridge & freezer smelling a bit stale (the doors had been closed). I offered to get the cleaners back in to rectify the problems and I believe they went back to correct everything except the tenants declined the carpet clean as their furniture was now in situ.

    When I was making arrangements with the tenant (via email) for their exit day and final check-out, (they were going a couple of days early) they indicated that they needed time to come back and clean, and I told them not to bother as I was getting a professional clean done anyway. I thought that as I had the property professional cleaned to start with, I would be able to charge for this on their exit and they would be expecting it. When I returned their deposit of approx £2,000, I deducted the £270 for the clean and enclosed a copy of the invoice. The tenants wrote back that the property was not cleaned up to standard to start with. So I have refunded a further £130 to cover the cost of a carpet clean etc., but they still argue that they offered to clean the flat themselves and interpreted my statement not to bother and that I was having a professional clean done anyway as a goodwill gesture as it was not cleaned properly to start with. They say I should have agreed with them to begin with what was happening with the clean and have no right to charge them when they offered to clean it themselves.

    Anyway, I want to do what is right. I don't want to cheat them out of their money, but on the same hand I don't want to give the extra money back if I am within my rights to charge for it.

    What do you all think?

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    You have no right to charge them for a professional clean just because that is what was done before they moved in. This has to be decided on the actual state of the property. So, whether or not a professional clean was performed, if the property was in the same state(apart from fair wear and tear), you cannot unilaterally charge them for a professional clean. However, this is not to say that if the property WAS in a worse state, you could not charge them a REASONABLE amount for the cleaning required in this respect.

    However. I would be inclined to agree with them, that in telling them not to bother you have in fact denied them the opportunity to get the place up to scratch. I think a judge would probably agree. Treat this as a learning experience, and refund them the money.
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      Agree compleatly with Mr Shed, they offered to clean, you told them not to bother.
      Opinions given are mine, They are not necessarily correct, as the more I learn the less I know, You should always seek professional help.


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