Ex-L charging unreasonably on top of deposit

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    Ex-L charging unreasonably on top of deposit

    We moved into our new house about a month ago and I just got a repairs bill from our old flat.

    For over a grand?!

    Ok they have charged £40 for cleaning. Myself, my nan and my OHs nan(who is a professional cleaner anyway) went round and made the place spotless we all agreed it was gleaming througout(that oven looked like it had never been used) there was not a speck of dirt.

    £360 for painting! this i really cannot believe. I only painted the place at christmas(magnolia same as before) it couldnt have been that bad! and how do u justify 360 quid? how much is 2 cans of paint? £40?? then labour for a day £50 - £60? (its only a little 2 bed flat and i managed to do it in 2days at 9months pregnant)

    and the rest for replacing the carpets. Ok so the lounge and the 2nd bedroom would only have needed professional shampooing. the second bedroom had ONE mark on the floor. it was meant to be my baby boys room but he never moved in there so it was hardly used. Admittidly the bathroom and our bedroom would have needed replacing. Stupid putting white carpets in throughout anyway!

    We paid 450 deposit and theyv billed us £650 on top.
    We were there 10 months and went through the DPS. My parents were the guarantors and whats strange is that they sent them a letter detailing all the dirt and marks that just wernt there! yet they didnt send myself this letter.

    If it wernt for that I'd wonder if they didnt actually look themselves and just sent someone else in, and they are the ones trying to make an easy buck.
    Oh and of course they have already done the work without discussing it with myself first.

    I didnt take any pictures!! i know im an idiot wont be making that mistake again. There was an inventory. I accept the 2 carpets would need replacing but everything else is rubbish. If there were any scuffs on the wall it definately would have come under normal wear and tear.

    Any advice is appreciated thanks.

    They should written to you within 10 days of you moving out detailing costs they wanted to charge you.

    Go onto the DPS website and dispute the costs, a claim will then be instigated and the DPS will then adjudicate and decide how much you should be charged and how much the landlord can claim.

    Good luck!


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