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    Inventory on checkout by LL


    I am about to end my tenancy, having given a 2 month notice period as required.
    My LL wants to save money on a professional inventory check and wants to do it himself.
    I dont have a problem with this, but we just had a call from him, that he wants us to get the flat professionally cleaned. I have checked our terms, there is a mention of it being cleaned to a good standard, OR professionally cleaned. My wife is a stickler for cleanliness, so there's no problem there. But now, I had a question as to whether we should insist on a professional inventory check, since we had paid for it when we had moved in. Are there any implications?


    was the property professionally cleaned before move in?

    If so, does the landlord have proof of this?

    You only have to leave the property in the same condition as it was given to you. If it was generally clean, this is how you have to leave it but I wouldnt waste money on a professional clean if the landlord didnt give the property in this state.


      What does your tenancy say about inventory fees?

      If nothing, then I think you could argue that a professional was used on move in and you require the same to happen on move out, which is when the check is more important.
      Usually, inventory checking costs are shared between LL & tenants and since you paid for it at move in, the LL should pay for it at move out.
      The LL is just trying it on and there is no way that a lay person can do the work that is carried out by a professional inventory clerk.

      On the cleaning, it sounds like the wording in the tenancy agreement allows you to do it yourself.
      I wouldn't worry about this unless the property was professionally cleaned before you moved in.
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