Data Protection & releasing tenant details to utilities

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    Data Protection & releasing tenant details to utilities

    I've had a couple of tenants leave & wriggle out of giving forwarding address.
    Then next thing comes red utility bills for them.

    It seems reasonable for me to give details like tenant's email address & phone number to the utility companies, but the law isn't always concerned with being reasonable is it !

    Where do I stand under the Data Protection act regarding giving such details to utility companies who are chasing people to pay their bills ?

    If the utility bills are in the Ts name, I would have no problem in revealing Ts last known email address and mobile phone no to U Co's.
    If in doubt ring the ICO office in Wilmslow and ask for an opinion, or go to their website.


      DPA Section 35 will put you in the clear see chapter 5.9/5.10 on page 68 etc


        Thanks for that. Here one quote from the 104 pages of verbiage

        "The Commissioner can only give general guidance; the final decision in
        cases of dispute is a question for the Courts. Whether or not manual information falls
        within this definition will be a matter of fact in each case. It is not possible for the
        Commissioner to state categorically whether or not certain types of information or files
        are caught by the Act although it is recognised that there are certain areas of business
        where the question of whether manual information falls within the definition will be
        of particular significance, e.g. personnel files."

        And on and on and on.

        Jeez look what these Bureaucrats get paid for churning out this
        Ambiguous vague open to interpretation drivel .
        Why say something with 20 words when 20,000 words will do so as to justify your 'job for life' existence & indexed linked pension to look forward to.


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