Court papers sent to wrong address............

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    Court papers sent to wrong address............


    Wonder if anyone can advise me.

    I own a leasehold property. It`s in a block of 9 flats of which I own one. There has been work done on the whole block as undertaken by freeholders and my share is £8000.

    The freeholders have served me court papers for payment today.

    However, the freeholders know full well that the property is rented out and I do not live there. Yet all mail goes to flat address. Someone (I think the tenant downstairs from the flat) forwarded the mail to me. This is the first time he has forwarded on mail because I think he saw they were from the court and was concerned. (We have a good relationship and he has my address and phone no as there were problems re some previous tenants which we communicated about at the time).

    I had spoken to the freeholdres a while back and told them that they are well aware the proprty is rented out and that they should send any letters to my home address. They agreed and took note of my home address (even though they already had it in their files).

    However they are still sending any mail to the flat address which clearly was not re-directed by anyone (why should other tenants have this responsibility!!). Only the court papers which were sent to flat have been re-directed.

    Furthermore, the work on the flat began around October last year and was meant to finish by Xmas. As far as I have been told by tenants the scaffolding has just been taken down and they are still working on site. However, when I spoke to freeholders a couple of months ago (same time as I spoke to them about sending mail to my home address), the guy was very rude and excitable and demanded to know why I hadn`t yet paid! I told him I have no objection to paying (I don`t!) when the work is done. He told me I should have paid BEFORE the work began.

    Any advice would be appreciated. As I say, I have no problem about paying, but was surprised to be forwarded on court papers, when the work is still ongoing!


    You really need to read your headlease for information about such matters as we don't have a copy it's impossible to advise you correctly.
    The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


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