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    small claims query

    Hi everyone, I am a landlord gearing up for a possible day in court over deposit dispute. If I lose the case and pay up straight away does this count as a CCJ against me and thus cause me problems personally in terms of credit worthiness etc?
    Or is the CCJ only if I lose and then don't pay up on time?

    There is no question of you getting a CCJ under these circumstances. If the judge finds against you, you can either appeal or pay up.
    People who get "ccj's" against them are those for whom the court has found owe a debt and they have failed to settle it or adhere to the repayment scheme agreed by the court.

    Any information given in this post is based on my personal experience as a landlord, what I have learned from this and other boards and elsewhere. It is not to be relied on. Definitive advice is only available from a Solicitor or other appropriately qualified person.


      If you pay up in full within 28 days, the judgment is cancelled and removed from records. If however, you do not pay up within 28 days and the judgment is not set aside or appealed against, then it goes on your record and cannot be removed for six years but can be marked "satisfied"

      By your record, I mean that your name and address and details of the judgment are sent to Registry Trust and passed to the credit bureau like Experian and Equifax and anyone searching either the registry trust or credit bureau databases will discover the CCJ against you.

      To obtain a certificate of satisfaction in either of the above scenarios, the fee is £10.00 - another county court "scam" - it used to be £3 not to long ago!!!


        Thanks for the info. 99% certain I will win if it goes to court anyway and also completely willing to pay up if I don't, but good to know where I stand in the worst case scenario

        Thanks again!!


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          Solicitors have a code of practice.
          They can't conjure possession hearings out of thin air....
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          I have today been told that I am getting evicted and that there is a hearing next week.
          But I haven't received any Court papers, no notice to quit, no section 8, or section 21.
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          I owe rent yes,...
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          Op said the landlord's solicitor emailed her.
          03-06-2020, 22:34 PM
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          If there's mould in the property it almost has to come from condensation inside.
          The (alkaline) lime in the plaster and the acid in the mortar mean that water coming from outside doesn't usually allow mould to develop.

          Mould forms when water that condenses on the surface is left there....
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          I wonder if I could trouble someone for advice, having recently become a Landlord for the first time ?

          A year ago I inherited a small 1970s one bedroom flat in Birmingham.

          The flat was originally heated with a couple of electric bar heaters....
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          by jpkeates
          I don't have any idea how this is meant to work.
          But, the only people who really matter are the landlord and the tenant.

          The agent works for the landlord, and if they've found themselves in a conflict if interest, have to resolve it in favour of the landlord.
          They'll never accept...
          03-06-2020, 22:12 PM
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          by jpkeates
          Yes, the courts are still just about functioning, so a money claim is still possible, if unlikely.
          If a landlord came here seeking advice about a tenant in arrears, I would suggest a money claim rather than a possession claim, in the first instance.

          However, tou should still receive...
          03-06-2020, 22:09 PM
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          by Jon66
          Yes if they have claimed for it, but it depends on what basis the possession proceedings are made. I don't think there was sarcasm, just a character. Artfuls comment re benefits is referring to himself, and he gave good advice re shelter. And some landlords are bad we know that, but I'm not one of the...
          03-06-2020, 21:58 PM
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          by beryl
          Jon66: there were sarcastic responses from a person further up. It's there to read.
          I did contact CAB and my local council. I told my landlord in 2014 there was a leak, nothing done. Same again in 2017, 2018. Told in 2019 bath tub was dangerous, don't bath, nothing done by LL. At that same...
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