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    Letting Legal Fees

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me roughly how much legal fees should be paid to the letting agent when renting a property? I have had to pay £150 per person (theres 5 of us), yet there are not five separate contracts. I have heard that this charge is some kind of a con, and would appreciate some advice.

    Most letting agents' charges are 'some kind of con' I'm afraid. They will charge whatever they think they can get away with (and whatever people will pay). Unfortunately these charges rarely bare any relation to the work they are actually undertaking.
    In my experience if you simply say that you are not prepared to pay legal fees of that magnitude the agent will often drastically reduce the charge in order to secure the business. If they refuse to do so then I personally would vote with my feet and walk away.


      It's too late, 99sc1610 says it's already been paid.

      Be a bit more discerning in future.

      Would you like to share the name and location of this wealthy agent with the members?

      For any other prospective tenants reading this thread. I, as the landlord, have never used an agent that charges the tenant. Any fees I pay is seen as an integral part of the rent.


        I personally would be asking the agents, even having paid, what the charge covers and judging from that reply as to whether or not it is reasonable.

        It is not unreasonable to charge a small fee for checking the credit status and drawing up the agreement, but to charge £750 letting fee for 5 people on one property is excessive as, though they would have to check the status of each of the 5, all they have to do with the agreement is word-process the names different for each person. With 5 people occupying one dwelling, they have the same work to do on checkin and checkout as for one person.

        I believe excessive charges like this are an unfair contract term - have a word with the OFT and see what they think.

        Bear in mind though that if the agents use a solicitor for the contracts, then they may make a charge for that and I have seen solicitors charges of £400 for a 10 minute listed hearing at county court!


          Hi, i am a letting agent and we dont charge anywhere near that!!!!

          We charge £150.00 for the referencing of one tenant and this includes their contribution towards the legal documents, inventory etc. Each extra tenant gets charged £50.00 including VAT, so for 5 tenants it would be £350.00 including all VAT.

          I often get told we are cheap compared to others but we are a small independant form and i do have a consience!!


            My son and his girlfriend recently rented a flat.
            The agents wanted £50 per person. Other agents wanted £100/ £150 and one wanted £250.
            The agents have to pay the referencing company to do the checks (Unless they do it themselves)
            And in this case I believe the agents paid £35 to the referencing company and therefore made £15 to cover their admin.
            A very reasonable, even cheap, charge.


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