Making offers to lease multiple properties?

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    Making offers to lease multiple properties?

    We are awaiting to hear of the landlords decision of a recent offer we made on his property. Since making the offer we took a second viewing at a second property we liked.

    Is it wrong to make offers on more than one property to see who gets back to us first?

    If they both accepted I assume we can pull out of one?

    We was told at the weekend the landlord will be away this week and they can't seem to get hold of him.

    Unless you signed anything that bound you to anything specific and which had financial implications for you, I think you are free to pick and choose.

    it might be socially iffy if you agreed a time frame that the landlord/agent of the first property would get back to you by and you still made and offer elsewhere, but renting is market like any other business and so with the above proviso, do whatever you wish.
    (There are landlords who have no qualms about being inconsiderate to applicants).

    If you did put some money down on the first property and you take something else before the landlord/agent of the first property get back to you, don't count on getting any of your money back.
    Some letting agents take a dim view of such behaviour without good reason, so you may find it hard to deal an agent in the future.

    With the landlord being unavailable, you have a reasonable excuse in taking another property, unless you agreed a time frame and you are still in that time frame.


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