What do you make your guarantor sign?

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    What do you make your guarantor sign?

    Hi Guys,

    I am fighting with my office manager over what a guarantor should sign.

    He maintains that the lease should be signed by the guarantor and that they should be present in the office when signing. His argument is that if they are not present they can claim they have not read the lease fully.

    I have heard from a few other agents that they simply send them a form to say that they have read the lease and agree to the terms within it.

    The argument came about because one of our new tenants guarantors is from the north of england and that they must come to the office(london) to sign. I feel this is very unfair and time consuming for us and the guarantor.

    I am interested to hear from other landlords/agents and also the legal eagles as to what they make the guarantors do.

    Thanks in Advance


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