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    Alternative Accommodation for Tenant...?

    Hi guys,

    I have a couple living in a small house that I rent out on an AST.

    Recently we had a burst pipe in the property which went unnoticed for a while until it created a moldy patch on one of the walls and a ceiling downstairs. The pipe is inside a wall and it’s a bit of a job to get to etc.

    Obviously I have got on to this ASAP. I have gone through an insurance policy so it will take a little longer to resolve.

    The tenants are telling me living there is a health hazard, they cant live like that and asking me what im going to do about it.

    It’s a big job, but I am doing all that I can to co-ordinate the insurance, quotes, workmen. Unfortunately I cannot control how fast it takes for it to get fixed and everything to be put right again (re-decorating etc).

    What are my legal obligations? Do I have to pay for a hotel for them? Do I discount some rent? It could take a couple of weeks for everything to be sorted out.

    Thank you

    Ask the insurer, first, to verify what costs it will fund.
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      Originally posted by kc9ah View Post

      The tenants are telling me living there is a health hazard, they cant live like that and asking me what im going to do about it.
      What health hazard are they referring to?
      Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


        Thanks Jeffrey, I will find out.

        TheSaint - its hardly a health hazard in my eyes. Part of the wall has gone a bit damp and possibly there is a bit of mould. There is also some water dripping. They still have water and heating. Also, they dont want to be there when the works start which i've been told could be a whole week.


          I bet they'd be happy to live there whilst you took a week fitting them a nice new bathroom....


            When it's your own home you can live with a small problem till its fixed. Some tenants however expect the world from their top it off, they are behind in their rent!


              If the property is uninhabitable, then you have to either provide alternative accommodation (they carry on paying rent), or negotiate that they live elsewhere for a while (and don't pay rent).

              However, that is only for 'uninhabitable'. If I were the tenant, I would be talking to the EHO to try and get them to declare it uninhabitable - however, it may be prudent to actually approach the EHO yourself, explain the situation, and get them to inspect at your request. This way they have more chance of coming to a decision from your point of vew.

              If the EHO does not declare it uninhabitable, then maybe a small ex-gratia payment - but no more than say £20 or £30.


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