L threatens to withhold deposit for T's negligence

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    L threatens to withhold deposit for T's negligence

    Hi am due to move out otmorrow and was after a bit of advice so I can get prepared!

    We have a nightmare landlord who is the reason we are moving out in the first place.
    The flat itself is lovely but over the past year we have had various issues including;
    -cracks in my flatmates ceiling
    -leaking toilet and problematic overflow
    -no working light in the living room

    It is worth mentioning that we were given no inventory to sign and when we moved in our landlord inspected with us and we did point out damp marks on the ceiling. However last summer cracks began to appear and we reported this straight away. It still took him nearly 6 weeks to fix this, and in the meantime he told the builders to throw everything out from the loft without telling us - my flatmate even lost her degree certificate! The ceiling was eventually fixed while we were on holiday. However he is now saying that we failed to report it immediately and that we have been living in the flat 'with our eyes closed'

    The leaking toilet was another issue that took ages to solve and on Feb 23rd we sent him a text informing him of this and told him we were both away for the weekend as it was my birthday. We put a bucket under the leak which took about 8 hours to fill up. By the Saturday morning no one had been to fix it and I had to involve a neighbour as I was so concerned about the damage to the property. He kindly let himself in and emptied the bucket a few times a day.
    However last week the same neighbour came up and said next door were complaining about the overflow and he had a look (we are both female and don't have a clue) and he couldn't find anything wrong.
    Then the next door neighour asked us to have a look so we phoned the landlord and he advised us to look out of the window which we did (its a very small window by the way) and we could see water was coming out of the overflow. We had a fiddle in the cistern and the water stopped. No idea why but it worked!
    Again he has accused us of not looking after the place and even said we weren't using the flat properly and he was going to withold our deposit due to structural damage.

    The light in the lounge has not been working for over 2 months despite us reporting it quite a few times.
    He even told us it shouldn't be an issue as it is starting to get light outside!

    Finally he sent us a price increase notice 12 months into an 18th month contract and told us he would serve notice if we didn't pay - the guy is a nightmare

    Does anyone have advice on how we can proceed? We have been good tenants and been clean, tidy and never late with the rent and this is really stressful


    I presume your deposit is protected in a scheme?

    If that is the case your landlord will struggle with his plan based on what you have said above!


      Originally posted by jghomer View Post
      I presume your deposit is protected in a scheme?

      If that is the case your landlord will struggle with his plan based on what you have said above!
      I agree, but if your deposit isn't in a scheme, this may help: http://tenancyanswers.ucoz.com/index..._protected/0-4
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