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  • newlandlord2011
    started a topic Homelet checks

    Homelet checks

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know anything about Homelet statuses? my tenants guarantor has come back as 'Acceptable' with a score of 796. Homelet have been unable to find my tenant at her current address - although the agency have got proof of address in the form of utility bills...bit worried about this but Homelet have said that they will insure the tenant as the Guarantor is ok so I guess thats ok then?

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  • Reply to Section 257 HMO and Council Tax
    by DPT57
    The VOA is likely to chamge it to at least 4x band A at some point.

    You may also need an HMO licence if the Council have or introduce an Additional Licensing scheme.
    28-05-2022, 12:50 PM
  • Section 257 HMO and Council Tax
    by Tony-Edwards
    I believe that under a shared-facility HMO situation, Council Tax is levied on the whole property.

    I'm thinking of buying a Section 257 HMO (a building converted to 4 self-contained studios that doesn't meet the relevant building standards).

    I'm being told it is paying 1 council...
    28-05-2022, 09:28 AM
  • Reply to Resident landlord or AST?
    by tenoutoftenant
    jpkeates, I've been busy recently but just wanted to come on here to say thank you for your detailed reply. It's most helpful and I'll pass it on. I imagine it will be reassuring to know the potential outcomes, even if it doesn't go the tenant's way.
    28-05-2022, 11:43 AM
  • Resident landlord or AST?
    by tenoutoftenant
    Hello, I wondered if anyone experienced could please advise on this scenario:

    A landlord lets out a self-containted attic room in a converted garage – which is separate and detached from their house – to a tenant. It has its own front door, so the tenant can only access the part of...
    04-05-2022, 16:16 PM
  • Reply to EPC Certificates for 1977 Rent Act Tenants
    by boletus
    It depends on the age of the tenant and any succession rights, but you could probably knock it out at auction for half price....
    28-05-2022, 11:06 AM
  • EPC Certificates for 1977 Rent Act Tenants
    by Katherine Parsons
    Is there any information you can point me to that deals with this topic? It is unlikely that I will be able to get my properties up to a Band C in time for 2028 and I have sitting tenants who are, by law, entitled to stay put in their properties and can't just be evicted because they have a right to...
    27-05-2022, 22:11 PM
  • Reply to Pharoah ants
    by anonkiana
    Hi guys thanks for all your suggestions. We have these ant food things scattered all around but the ants don't seem to like it, we've tried a few of them and that solution doesn't work. There are so many tiny holes in this place in the walls etc, even pest control said it would be difficult to pinpoint...
    28-05-2022, 11:04 AM
  • Pharoah ants
    by anonkiana
    Hi, I need advice please.

    I moved into block of flats in September last year and after the first night i moved in I opened one of my boxes that had a crumb of food and i kid you not there were at least 500-600 ants in it all over each other, from that day I have been complaining. As weather...
    27-05-2022, 11:42 AM
  • Reply to Government handouts to tenants or landlords
    by Hooper
    You can also get credit that has built up in an account refunded whilst the account remains active....
    28-05-2022, 10:51 AM
  • Government handouts to tenants or landlords
    by AndrewDod
    Here is another bit of pending legislation/government spittle that has been ill thought through.

    My kid has a tenancy which includes Council Tax and Energy as part of the rent. Her rent has gone up a lot as a result of increased cost of these inclusions.

    Now after the fact...
    26-05-2022, 21:42 PM