Major Garden work - no notice!

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    Major Garden work - no notice!

    We moved into our property on 11th March, and a neighbour and window cleaner both referred to the garden "plans" and whether they were happening. We knew nothing about any plans so contacted the agent on 14th who denied any work was being planned, and said that new decking was everything and had been requested by previous tenant. I have just had a phone call from the same person at the agents to confirm builders arriving next week to put in new garden. The agent has known since previous tenants that there was more work, they acknowledge we weren't told, they also agree that my husband might have been "mislead" when he called. What do we do next? Don't want to make the landlord cross, he probably doesn't know that the agent didn't tell us.

    Your optimal solution is probably a rent-reduction for the period of the work, depending on the disturbance it will cause.

    Alternatively you can flag up to the landlord (politely!) that his agent has messed things up, and that it will be causing you some problems. If it is going to cause you costs or disturbance, I'd say explain what those are.

    I'd suggest you need to do at least the latter, or you may be perceived as a doormat, and get sloppy standards in the future.

    You could stop it, but that would be OTT, and a new garden is presumably to your benefit. You could try and get them to put the hot tub in your desired position, or other minor adjustments.

    Refer Mad Regulators to Arkell vs Pressdram.


      As, AIUI, LL/agent/builders need your agreement to enter (for almost any reason) your property, your home, your garden - landlords investment only... (see..
      you are potentially in a strong negotiating position. (Assuming the garden is not excluded in the tenancy agreement)..

      Mind you, with all builders I always provide all the tea/coffee/biccies they can cope with..

      Builder will probably have been told he can have access whenever/wherever he likes (and use your water/leccy..) and have no idea there is any problem. Maybe worth clarifying matters with LL/Agent/builder ...
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        I hadn't even thought about the use of water and electricity.... thanks for pointing that out!
        I do know that a ton of topsoil and another of compost are being put onto the front garden, and that a skip will be in half of the driveway. There will be noisy work for at least 2 days with a de-turfer and other equipment, so that will drive the dog nuts!
        Unfortunately the LL is in Germany, so I have a postal address and nothing else but I think I will drop them a line.


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