Anyone know anything about residential law???

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    Anyone know anything about residential law???

    I am taking ex LL to court this week, my LL has sent me an offer letter offering less than 1/2 amount of deposit due, judge will only consider alledged damage etc LL claims there to be, but LL also states that because Agent holding deposit absconded with the funds, the judges ruling that he is responsible is wrong, and that should I not accept his offer he will take me to a specialist residential court to contest the legallity of this judgement!!! Which in his words could cost me hundreds????
    My sensible head tells me this is just another of his attempts at getting me to drop the case, but I have searched the web but cannot find anything helpful. So I am left worried.........
    Anyone out there that can help please?

    The judge is correct that the landlord must bear the loss if the deposit is "absconded with" by his agent. So no worries on that score.

    The rest of it seems like blag to make you give up the case. If you are sure your side is cast iron and you can defend any damage arguments, then dont accept the landlords offer and let it roll through court.

    The landlord can appeal if it goes against him - but there is a danger of appeal in almost every court case, yet very few are appealed.

    You could always counter the offer for a higher settlement - if you do this - make sure you have it in your hands before the hearing preferably in cash with a signed agreement which you can then put in front of the judge who can then vacate the hearing.


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