Landlords flooding the Market

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  • Landlords flooding the Market

    Been just reading this very interesting article.

    Yet more statistics but no evidence.
    Disclaimer:I have over 30 years experience in housing(both social and private) as an EHO and Building Surveyor.I am also a certified expert witness having spent the last 15years working in housing litigation.The advice I give is from experience in working for various Local Authorities and how the law is interpretated.Housing Law is a minefield and is continually being amended if in any doubt you should consult a solicitor or someone of equal legal standing.

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    Read similar articles in the Sunday papers.

    This thread does not concern rented properties as a whole but those Houses in Multiple Occupation.

    Whether the increase amounts to a flood needs to be supported by statistics.
    Vic - wicked landlord
    Any advice or suggestions given in my posts are intended for guidance only and not a substitute for completing full searches on this forum, having regard to the advice of others, or seeking appropriate professional opinion.
    Without Plain English Codes of Practice and easy to complete Prescribed Forms the current law is too complex and is thus neither fair to good tenants nor good landlords.


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    • Three guarantors = three guarantees of deed or just one?
      I will have three guarantors as there are three (student) tenants. The agency has sent me a guarantee-of-deed sample, but i'm not sure whether i should send a separate one to all guarantors, or just have one listing all guarantors. What do others on here do?
      25-07-2017, 10:05 AM
    • Reply to Three guarantors = three guarantees of deed or just one?
      How will you know who actually signs? Either do it front of you after copying id or via solicitor
      25-07-2017, 12:40 PM
    • Burglary Damage - Who Pays?
      Our rented flat was broken into, in the process the Yale lock was broken and cost £100 to repair. The landlord is refusing to pay this on the basis we didn’t also lock the door with the mortice lock. We didn’t use the mortice lock as it wasn’t working although the landlord did not know this....
      25-07-2017, 11:40 AM
    • Reply to Burglary Damage - Who Pays?
      It is landlord's responsibility, he may then choose to charge you for it (don't pay).

      If he refuses to fix it, not a lot you can do, sorry
      25-07-2017, 12:37 PM
    • Reply to Burglary Damage - Who Pays?
      What was stolen?
      Did you have personal contents Ins?
      LL is resp for repairing the door, which he may claim from your deposit or give you the bill to pay.
      Why did you not notify him of broken mortice lock, which gave burglar easier access and may have compromised LL's Ins?
      25-07-2017, 12:37 PM
    • Freeholder Scaffolding Over My Flat
      I have a leasehold studio flat with a garden in London that I rent out to tenants.
      Recently, the freeholder gave me three days notice that he was extending part of the building my flat is joined to and he would need to put scaffolding on my flat roof and in my garden. I immediately objected saying...
      24-07-2017, 21:20 PM
    • Reply to Freeholder Scaffolding Over My Flat
      I would also have thought this was a case where planning permission was needed, as being flats, the normal permitted development rights, for extensions, would not apply. In that case, you, or rather your tenant, who should have forwarded it to you, should have received a consultation letter from the...
      25-07-2017, 10:55 AM
    • Reply to Three guarantors = three guarantees of deed or just one?
      Each guarantor is guaranteeing their own student's liabilities, so there needs to be three deeds.

      Remember that each guarantor needs to see the tenancy agreement that they are guaranteeing (or one that is identical in terms) before they sign any deed and you should advise them in writing...
      25-07-2017, 10:34 AM
    • Reply to Freeholder Scaffolding Over My Flat
      I'd suggest that tell the freeholder that your tenants are so badly affected by the work that you will either have to allow them to leave or offer a significant incentive to stay - which might be equal to all of the rent as compensation (if they were to leave). And see how they respond.

      25-07-2017, 10:30 AM
    • AST end date 31/07/17 advice needed.
      Hi, Guys, I have posted a few threads on this forum now and although the section 21 notice is probably invalid I don't want to let the landlord know that yet.
      I'm after help with writing my landlord a letter. He wants us out on the 31/07/17 and keeps asking me how I intend to leave the keys for...
      25-07-2017, 09:54 AM