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  • DSS and Periodic Tenancy

    My AST with tenant expired last month, hence it's now run into periodic tenancy. My tenant applied for DSS during last tenancy and it was approved. I received rent directly from tenant. Do I need to inform DSS (Council) about current periodic tenancy? Is it better to renew 6 mths contract if tenant is on DSS? How do I prove to the council that the tenant is living at my property beyond the AST if my tenant is in arrears?( b'cos council will only pay when tenant is 8 weeks in arrears) Thank you.

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    There is no need to advise the Housing Benefit Dept (it's not DSS) of the Council that the tenancy has become a periodic.

    I see no reason why anyone would want to tie themselves into another 6 month AST with a tenant on Housing Benefit, especially if they already have doubts about the tenant's ability to continue payment.
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      I agree with what Pippay has said. Also, if your tenant agrees to it, the council can pay HB direct to you whether he is in arrears or not (unless you are in an area with Local Housing Allowance rather than HB).


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