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  • New rental property advice

    We have just completed on our first BTL property. We were hoping to take advantage of the free advertising through our local hospital but they are only taking on furnished properties at present and we are unsure we want to go down that route

    Pretty shocked how much letting agents charge although we've decided to appoint one just to find our first tenant as the house is ready for rental.

    Is it worth paying £50 for them to set up our first tenancy agreement though or is this something that can be done by ourselves, I have seen do-it-yourself packs on the internet? If these are ok, any recommendations? I'd also like a do-it-yourself inventory pack, are they available?

    Finally can anyone recommend a good book that covers all aspects of being a landlord?

    Many thanks

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    There's lots of useful stuff on this site. I use the Lawpack tenancy agreement, available from WH Smith, Amazon etc.


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      Thank you Caroline. I've had a chance to browse this site a little more in the past few hours and have found it all extrememly useful. Time to invest in a pack

      This may seem a stupid question but can this pack be photocopied for use with future tenants?


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