Who pays for these redecorations

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    Who pays for these redecorations


    Am LL of a fully-furnished let.

    Have had no problems with damp over many years, but the walls started growing m0uld as soon as the current tenant moved in. I suspect that this was due to her habits with (not) managing humidity inside the flat (bathing, cooking steam etc), although on the other hand, I have recently had gappy louvre windows replaced with double-glazing which would have reduced the amount of natural ventilation (drafts!). This may have contributed.

    I have resolved the immediate problem with a diihumidifier, but who should pay for the redecorations?

    IMO, the T caused the problem [although I cannot prove this and it could be argued that it is due to lack of innate ventiilation].

    If I end up wearing the cost, is it tax-deductable? I am already deducting the standard 10% wear and tear on furnishings.

    I have Renttguard (Sterling) LL contents insurance, but damp/mould seems to be excluded from that (para 8b).

    Pleased for any advice

    Any business outgoings are tax deductible. Preserve the receipts for at least six? years.
    I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


      Sounds like there is a lack of ventilation in the property, do the new windows have trickle vents? Unless you sort the problem then it will continue. Have you suggested maybe going halves on the redec costs?


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