Deposit and Delapidation Costs - Advice Needed

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    Deposit and Delapidation Costs - Advice Needed


    I wonder whether anyone could give any advice on the attached...

    My partner was renting a property for 2 years and moved out of a property in the middle of July. When he moved in to the house with his friend they were not shown round by the Landlord/Agent/Anyone as I would expect should happen highlighting the state of the property. During his tenancy there was not 1 visit from the Landlord or the Agents to check on the property. During the first 6 months they reported a damp issue to the Agents, and this was not followed through, not whilst they were in the property anyway. My partner didn't sign a tenancy agreement after the first 6 months and this wasn't followed through by the Agents. Before my partner moved out he sent a letter of intent to the Agents within the notice period, mentioning the damp again, and also a iron burn in the carpet. When my partner moved out nobody came round to move him out, he was asked to post the keys through the letterbox. He has since received a letter from the agent mentioning delapidation costs, and this was broken down to new carpets in excess of £1000 and redecoration costs also in excess of £1000. Basically does anyone know the best way to go about resolving this issue as he doesn't think he should pay ALL of the costs above on top of the deposit which has obviously been withheld.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Apologies for the long email

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