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  • article - hmo's & immigrant market


    i'm doing an article on the website
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    on the opportunities potential and actual for landlords represented bythe high number of particularly eastern european immigrants coming to the UK. I'm looking mainly at focusing on the under pressure HMO sector. Has anybody had any experience at targeting this market is intending to do so in the future? Any information would be much appreciated. my e-mail address if you prefer is

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    Not a direct thing...but this is certainly a major issue in the Heaton area of Newcastle....might be worth looking into?
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      Yes I know a few landlords who use this market and immigrant construction workers. I get to hear good and bad things about it.

      Its pretty much the same as a UK tenant market, pay rent and never both a landlord, whereas other leave unexpectedly still owing rent, trash the place, but on the hole they seem to get good reports.

      Although it does sometimes push ther property into mandatory licensing.

      Off topid a little, I read your article on 'LANDLORDS GET THAT ‘SINKING’ FEELING. - 14/09/2006', I have to say it could have been based a little more on fact. But I do agree with the wash hand basin rule totally is ridiculous and hopefully will be withdrawn rather sooner than later.


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