Getting deposit back before full term?

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  • Getting deposit back before full term?

    We still have quite a way to go on our AST however I notice in it it says that after 35 days we get our deposit back. We are with a letting agent. Is there any avenue under which, after a successful final inspection we can get the deposit back earlier?

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    It does sound a bit silly and wrong to hold the deposit that long but i guess that if it is a big agency . first they need to appoint someone to inspect the place and then write back to them with results and then they need to forward that back to the LL wait for the LL to agree etc.. hence why it takes that long but still if you can manage the inspection to be done on the day you leave and speed the process yourself i am sure you would be able to get your money back quicker but that needs the LL co-operation as well. and good communications


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      To be honest, you will most likely get it earlier. Just sounds like a clause to cover their own back in case of delays.
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