s21 - Can Someone Just Double Check My Dates - Having a Bad Day!

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    s21 - Can Someone Just Double Check My Dates - Having a Bad Day!

    Hi Guys

    Just wondering whether someone out there would be kind enough to check my dates on s21. I am having a real 'thick' day!, and don't trust myself.

    6 month ast ran from 2 Aug 2010 to 1 Feb 2011. I am serving s 21 (a) notice as from tomorrow - 26th February 2011 for expiry on the 1st May 2011. Is that right?

    Also I was going to put it in the post tomorrow, and get a certificate of posting. I have heard this is adequate evidence for Court should it come to it. Can anyone confirm this?

    Many thanks

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    It must go in the post tomorrow, otherwise it won't be served in time for a 1st May expiry date.

    It should be a s.21(4)(a) notice, and give the expiry date as "after 1st May 2011" (assuming rent is payable monthly). If the T paid a deposit, it must be protected and the prescribed information provided to the T before you can serve a valid s.21 notice.

    Ideally, you should make three copies of the notice, keep one for your records, post two to the T, from two separate post offices, and obtain two free certificates of posting. The reason for this is that, while a court may accept that one notice went astray in the post, it would not accept that two notices had gone missing.


      Many thanks for the advice Westminister - much appreciated.

      Will definitely get it in the post tomorrow.


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